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  • Family Suggestions for Babysitters (when they arrive)...

    1. When the babysitter arrives it is a good idea to conduct a brief tour of your house. Include things like baby monitor, telephone, TV/ DVD/ heating remotes/ heaters if complicated, toilets, keys/locks, any water hazards or other useful things the babysitter should know.

    2. Show them where items they may need are kept eg. books, toys, videos, nappies, wipes, tea and coffee facilities, first aid/emergency kit.

    3. Leave a list of phone number's where you can be reached, you should consider including in case of emergency a nearby neighbour/friend/ relative and the Children's Doctor.

    4. Explain the bedtime/toilet/other routines for each child (if complicated maybe leave a note) Include bed times, stories or bath routine including any comforters eg. Dummy, blanket, special toy, lights on or off, door open or closed, music on or silence.

    5. Outline what to do if your children wake up during the evening - what is your preferred way to deal with them - leave to settle, cuddle, bottle, phone you etc.

    6. Never leave a child with an unknown sickness with the babysitter and inform them if there have been any possible symptoms, or a known recent illness to be aware of.

    7. Give the babysitter an estimated time you will be home, but feel free to ring home during the evening to check how things are going, and to advise that you will be delayed or be staying out longer (if possible). You can relay this information via us (the agency) as many babysitters do not give out their contact number and will avoid answering your home phone, if you have not requested that they do so.

    8. The babysitter will not generally have any cash with them, so it is advisable to have the correct amount of cash to pay them, alternatively you may pay using online banking or by cheque (by prior arrangement with the Agency only). Feel free to round up and tip them for their service.

    9. At the end of an evening booking, please help ensure the babysitter gets to their vehicle safely especially if your house is far from their car.  

    10. You may wish to type out an info sheet with some of this information to keep on the fridge or kitchen bench so that you don't have to go through it all every time you use our service. Alternatively you can request to have the same babysitter every time you make a booking, but we do advise booking in advance with as much time as possible. Rest assured we do always endeavour to provide you with the same babysitter whenever possible, to be consistent for your children (and in line with your preferences).

    11. We expect our babysitters to leave your home as they found it (even often better after helping with any obvious light housekeeping). If you do not require the babysitter to do any light housekeeping such as dishes, picking up toys, folding washing please let them know. We also do respect your privacy and preferences around this.


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