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Regular Ongoing Booking Policy

If you are a family, which have a regular ongoing booking (this is a booking with set days and times and is of a consistent recurring frequency) with Belle Babysitters Ltd (the Agency) the following applies to you:

1. The Agency agrees to provide a babysitter for the agreed regular ongoing booking you have requested. This booking must have specific fixed conditions as defined by regular set days and times and be of the same ongoing frequency within each calendar month.

2. Any bookings which fall outside of the agreed fixed conditions are charged separately.

3. a) If you wish to permanently change the fixed conditions, this needs to happen in advance, with a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to the first day and time of the change to the booking.

b) If you are adding any days, or changing the days or times of your booking (whether temporarily or permanently), this will only be changed by mutual agreement from the Agency (in consultation with your most usual babysitter/s), and an additional change of booking fee (equivalent to one standard membership booking fee) will apply on the first day of the change only.

c) If you are removing some days permanently no change of booking charge applies (but bookings that would have occurred in the following 48 hours will be still be invoiced as per your regular ongoing booking fee).

d) In all cases your regular ongoing booking fee will be amended to the agreed changes, 48 hours after notification has been received and (if applicable for adding days) once agreement from the Agency has been confirmed.

e) If 48 hours notice has not been given for any desired changes, you will still be charged for any bookings that would have normally occurred in the 48hour period from the time that notification of any requested changes is received by the Agency.

4. You may permanently cancel your regular ongoing booking at any time. Upon receiving notification of your permanent cancellation of the regular ongoing booking, you will be invoiced for all outstanding bookings up to that point and any that would have occurred in the following 48 hour period.

5. The Agency will invoice you for the regular ongoing booking and any other bookings at the end of every calendar month. In the instance that you have permanently cancelled your booking, you will be invoiced after notification of your cancellation has been received by the Agency.

6. If just temporarily, you do not require your regular babysitter/s for any occasion within your regular ongoing booking, we require a minimum of 48hours notice to ensure this booking will not count towards your monthly total. If you did not provide at least 48 hours notice that you would not require the babysitter, any such occasion will still be counted as part of your regular ongoing booking fee. In the event of your cancellation of any occasion, our standard cancellation policy applies with regards to the cancellation fees payable to the babysitter. For a regular ongoing booking, the date of confirmation of your next booking is considered to be the same day as the conclusion of your last booking.

7. The Agency's intention is always to provide the same babysitter for regular ongoing bookings, but for any reason where this may not be possible, the Agency will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable replacement babysitter in consultation with you free of booking fee charges.

8. We will consult with you regarding finding a replacement for your usual babysitter/s for any reason (when required). There may be situations where you do not need a replacement, where we have been unable to find a replacement, or where finding a replacement is not suitable for your situation (For example, at very short notice when a school pick-up is required). Any such occasions will not be counted as a booking towards your monthly total. In the extremely rare event that a babysitter has been found to replace your regular babysitter, but becomes unavailable and a further replacement cannot be found or when one is found but arrives later than 30 minutes of your regular booking start time, we will refund the equivalent of one standard membership booking fee, or in some circumstances by negotiation, in lieu of this refund the babysitter would provide up to 1 hour of their time free of charge (this is usually if the babysitter caused the situation, and you are willing to have them return).

9. You may in some instances of regular ongoing bookings be provided with the contact details for your babysitter. You may communicate directly with the babysitter any day-to-day changes that specifically affect the babysitter or the care of your children during the occasion (for example any requests to stay longer/finish earlier/locations of things they will need car seat/spare keys etc.). If you consult with the babysitter regarding their availability for any additional bookings for separate occasions in advance, the Agency still needs to be advised of these bookings, irrespective of whether the babysitter is available or not.

10. If the Agency becomes aware that you have booked any of the Agency's babysitters without using the Agency for anything beyond your fixed regular ongoing booking and/or they have completed bookings for you outside of the fixed conditions of the regular ongoing booking, you will be invoiced for any such bookings as if they had been arranged by the Agency.

11. In some cases you may choose to allow the babysitter use of your vehicle to pick up and drop off your children. This is often a component of regular bookings, in such cases it is your responsibility to ensure the insurance is up to date for the vehicle to cover the babysitter (as a named driver if appropriate). Should any damage be caused to the vehicle by the babysitter it is the babysitter that becomes responsible for the damage and you agree to indemnify the Agency as per Belle Babysitters Ltd's standard Families Terms and Conditions. If you require the babysitter to use their own vehicle to transport children, petrol charges will apply as per our standard conditions or by negotiation with the babysitter. It would also be your responsibility to provide appropriate car seats for your children as required by law for use in the babysitters vehicle.

12. In some cases we may need to add additional babysitters to your pool of regular babysitter/s for back-up occasions. In such circumstances a one-time (per babysitter added) fee of $10 will be added to that end of month account.


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