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Families Terms & Conditions

Belle Babysitters LTD Terms And Conditions for Families - One off (non-membership) occasions for families.

Belle Babysitters is a limited company owned and operated by Annabelle Molloy. Any reference to the Agency refers to the legal entity Belle Babysitters Ltd.

1. The Agency agrees to ensure that your babysitter:

* Has a current first aid certificate (updated every 2 years).

* Has a clean police record (updated every 6-12 months) - Excluding minor vehicle offences

* Has had 2 referee checks (at least one is from an employer related to working with children).

* Has previous experience in childcare (a minimum of multiple occasions in 2 different childcare settings).

* Provides safe and nurturing care for your children (including entertaining, meals, bed and bath routines).

* Ensures that your child/children's routines and your instructions are adhered to.

2. You agree to:

* Provide a safe/secure environment for your babysitter.

* Provide a smoke free environment for your babysitter.

* Provide tea and coffee making facilities for the babysitter.

* Pay the agency fee in advance to the agency (unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed).

* Pay all monies owed in full to the babysitter at the conclusion of the occasion booked.

* Pay all monies owed in the event of cancellation as per our cancellation policy (see term 4.).

* Not approach the babysitter for work without consulting the Agency first.

3. If the Agency becomes aware that you have approached the babysitter to complete work for you without using the agency you may be prevented from using our services in the future. Furthermore, if the babysitter completes the work for you, the agency will invoice you for any bookings as if they were arranged through the agency.

4. If the Agency has provided confirmation of the booking, the Agency Fee is non-refundable and cancellation fees may apply. If the booking is made more than 10 days prior to the job and is later cancelled within 0-7days of the job a $40 cancellation fee is payable to the babysitter. If the booking is made within 48 hours of the job no cancellation fee shall apply. A booking made 3-9 days prior to the job and cancelled in the last 48 hours prior to the job commencement time will also usually incur the $40 cancellation fee payable to the babysitter (at our discretion).

5. The Agency Fee is non-refundable and is paid for procuring the babysitter. The Agency Fee is due at the time of booking the babysitter and should be paid prior to the commencement of the babysitting occasion through an acceptable method agreed by the Agency. The babysitter is to be paid separately at the conclusion of the babysitting occasion. If either payment has not been made at the appropriate time any shortfalls shall be invoiced to you and any overdue accounts will attract penalty interest of 5% per month. Where overdue accounts are referred to a collection agency the account will incur additional costs which you agree to pay.

6. The Agency has used its best endeavours, in reviewing the babysitter's references, qualifications, training, experience and information disclosed by the babysitter and their referees, to select a babysitter suitable for your needs as advised by you. If, for any reason, your babysitter proves unsuitable or unsatisfactory for you, or the engagement of the babysitter is terminated due to the babysitter becoming ill or terminating his/her engagement, the Agency will use its best endeavours to provide a suitable replacement babysitter. In the event of a short notice cancellation by one of our babysitters we will endeavour to find an appropriate replacement but in the event this is not possible the Agency fee shall be fully refunded to you.

7. The Agency acts as an agent for you and is not an employer of babysitters. The Agency's role is to procure suitable placements, bearing in mind the information and requirements supplied by you and the availability of suitable babysitters.

8. The agency accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage, injury, loss, mishap, accident or illness suffered by you or any other person as a result of the use of the babysitter and you agree to indemnify the Agency should any action be taken against the Agency as a result of your use of the babysitter. However, we will always attempt to mediate with you to solve any issues you may have with any babysitter we provide for you.

ADDITIONAL Terms and Conditions which apply to "Multiple Use (Membership) occasions for families" ONLY. Membership Conditions and Benefits:

9. The membership option offers benefits over standard one-time infrequent users. Whilst additional benefits may be added in the future you will be notified of these at the time the renewal of your membership is due and if necessary at the time any change is made.

Membership benefits initially include:

* Priority booking (you will get to book a babysitter for a specified occasion before a non-member).

* Your preferred choice of babysitter/s on the condition that they are available for the occasion.

* You will have the opportunity to pay the babysitter after the babysitting occasion via additional methods such as credit card/online banking once you have satisfied our credit criteria being a minimum of 3 prior prompt payments.

* The Guarantee the Agency fees and Babysitters rates will not increase during the duration of your six month membership. (Except where law changes increase minimum / living wage above our lowest babysitter rates). Please note: We use the living wage to the nearest dollar as our minimum wage benchmark.

* Short notice hourly babysitters rates waived pay only $24 per hour even if you booked less than 12 hours in advance (but please note: Public Holiday Rates will still apply).

* Cancellation fees will only apply when a booking is booked and confirmed in advance by more than a 10 day period and cancelled within the last 48hours prior to booking start time. (Note: We do still recommend you book in advance as much as possible to avoid disappointment, we may waive cancellation fees at our discretion, particularly in circumstances of more regular ongoing bookings).

* Minimum amount payable to the babysitters is $30 not $40 (for shorter bookings of less than 1.6 hours).

* The cancellation fee will be only $30 (the same as the minimum amount payable to the babysitter).

* Members are eligible to use our services for regular ongoing bookings at a further discounted rate (please ask us about how this might work for you).

* If you require bookings for irregular consecutive days and book them together, you only pay for the one booking fee (plus $10 per any additional babysitter if more than one babysitter is required to fill all the bookings).

* If you require a booking actioned urgently outside of office hours members only pay an additional $10 surcharge (where non-members pay $15).



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