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  • CORONA VIRUS - Covid19 Level 2 Update.

    7 September at 23:00 from atlas

    Please click the link above "CORONA VIRUS - COVID19 LEVEL 2 UPDATE" to see recent updates: As at 8th September 2021...

    Level 2 - We are open with mostly typical capacity: After any lockdown, we can match babysitters with 2-3 families (considered "multi-bubble"), but all families will be informed about how many families the babysitter assigned to them is currently working for. It is possible to request a "single bubble" babysitter,  but the capacity for these will be limited. If there has been no immediately prior lockdown, we are happy to provide information on how many (if any) other families your babysitter has worked or is working for in the prior 2 weeks. If we move to level 2 without any prior lockdown, we continue as if at level one but we limit how many new families a babysitter works for (so they remain mixing with only their usual family/ies bubble).

    Please Note: Under ALL levels we will reinforce to our babysitters the need for continued attention to ALL the advised Health and Safety guidelines.

    Please see our COVID19 page for any further information specific to COVID19 including frequently asked questions:


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