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    Belle Babysitters has two components to the costs of hiring a babysitter: 

    1) Agency (Booking) Fee

    2) Babysitter Hourly Rates

    The Agency Fee is required to secure a booking for one of our babysitters, payable in advance, via credit card (using PayPal) OR online banking*. 

    PLUS...Babysitters hourly rates are paid separately to the babysitter at the conclusion of the booking.


    There are two standard options for the Agency Fee to accommodate most needs. However, we are happy to discuss any unique circumstances with you. We do have some special rates available to meet a variety of circumstances including, ongoing regular bookings, consecutive day bookings and bookings for special events such as weddings, conferences, a corporate crèche (or anything that may require care of multiple children from multiple families).


    One-Off Booking Fee - $30
    For Casual Bookings - This option is for you if you do not plan to use our service very often (1-2 times in 6 months). A good choice for a one-off occasion or Dunedin visitors.

    Membership Joining Fee - $60 for 6 months (Includes the first booking)

    For Multiple Bookings - This option is for you if you need a babysitter more frequently (3 times or more in a 6 month period). This is better suited to those who live locally and want to book our babysitters for repeat occasions. During a 6 month membership each time you subsequently book a babysitter you are entitled to pay the discounted Membership Booking Fee (as per below). You will also get to access all our many Membership Benefits (for further information about these see the Families Terms and Conditions very bottom left hand corner).

    Membership Booking Fee - $10 per booking (for duration of membership)

    If you have paid the Belle Babysitters Membership Joining Fee (as per above) all subsequent bookings for as long as you keep your membership active incur this fee. You are also eligible for the various membership benefits and discounts that apply to bookings under certain circumstances (as per our terms and conditions). We also offer discounts to ongoing bookings that meet certain conditions.

    Other Circumstances? - Please ask us directly how we might be able to meet your needs.


    Babysitters standard rates of $24 per hour are payable to the babysitter separately at the conclusion on the babysitting occasion.

    Some exceptions to the Standard rate apply in such cases as, $30 per hour for short notice bookings (less than 12 hours notice), public holidays and any other unusual circumstances.

    Extra fees MAY also apply to the babysitter if:

    1. You combine children from multiple families (starting at an extra $3 hour, per additional child, depending on how many extra children and from how many families).

    2. You have a particularly large family (5 or more children) / Some other circumstances with a large group of children (E.g. For Creche services at a Wedding or Conference) - price by negotiation.

    3. You require the babysitter to use their own vehicle to transport your children (typically 80c per Km, unless otherwise agreed).

    4. If you require the babysitter to travel more than 30minutes from the Dunedin city centre (Octagon) to get to you (the duration of job is also relevant for this) - price by negotiation.

    Please Note: There is a minimum of $40 payable to the babysitter for any booking (this equates to about 1.6 hours even if you choose not use them for this long). Otherwise babysitter charges are per hour (for the time you are away) as per pricing schedule. Cash is the preferable method to pay the sitter at the end of the booking, but other payment options are possible IF prior approval has been sought from Belle Babysitters Ltd. This minimum is less if you join the membership option.

    *Allow up to 3 days for bank clearance.


    Gift vouchers are available, for any amount, to cover the cost of the sitter and/or agency fees.

    There is a Bonus $5 referral discount, if you are happy with our service and refer family or friends, which will be deductible off your next agency fee when they make a booking mentioning you.

    Cancellation Fees MAY apply if your booking has been confirmed. Please see Families Terms and Conditions Point 4. for further information. (find below in the bottom lefthand corner of this page or click directly to it, via this link) Families Terms & Conditions


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