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  • Belle Babysitter Operations Information under COVID19 Traffic Light System

    Here we are providing all information about how our services can and will operate during the COVID19 Traffic Light System (our current level is highlighted in yellow):

    General Information:

    We are not enforcing a vaccine mandate and are not collecting any information on the vaccine status (including boosters) of our babysitters nor families.
    We allow our babysitters to choose what is right for them in regards to their vaccination status (including boosters), but we do expect that the majority of our babysitters are vaccinated (including boosters) as they are mostly students, teachers and older adults.

    We allow families to make booking requests with specific regard to the Covid19 vaccine status of the babysitter and also allow babysitters to do the same when accepting jobs from families (but we use an honesty model), we do not ask for proof from either party before confirming a booking. Although we pass on requests from either party and expect that either party could produce proof of vaccine status to the appropriate party (if required) upon request.

    We will follow a families preferences as requested with regards to face masks. Our babysitters are happy to wear them if desired by families, and some babysitters may choose to wear them for their own reasons. Although we typically find when working with particularly young children they can be a hindrance, we will still respect each families choice.

    Under Red: 

    We operate as normal, but will follow face mask guidelines from the government and be prepared to wear face masks if requested by a family, and we will typically wear a mask on arrival, (especially if your booking is at a public place or accommodation provider). We will in the first instance recommend that babysitters are vaccinated when responding to jobs, to ensure vaccinated babysitters are more likely to be the first to respond. We have no requirements for families to be vaccinated.

    Under Orange: 

    We operate as normal, but will still be prepared to wear face masks if requested by a family (and as required by the government guidelines in public spaces and on public transport). We will only pass on the requirement that babysitters are vaccinated upon family requests.

    Under Green: 

    We are back to business as usual: 100% normal business operations resume. We have no expectations for babysitters to wear masks whilst working (except as required by government guidelines) and no expectations around vaccination status, (although we will still forward any requests families or babysitters may have). 

    Please Note: Under ALL settings we reinforce to our babysitters the need for continued attention to ALL the advised Health and Safety guidelines (which may change periodically at short notice).

    Which includes:
    * Maintaining hygiene measures, including, regular hand washing and regularly cleaning surfaces, especially prior to any instance of eating and p
    reparing food.

    * Our babysitters are expected to be extra vigilant, to tell us if they are feeling unwell and we will ensure they stay home if they are sick. This includes if they themselves test positive for Covid19 OR are a close and household contact of a positive Covid19 case. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to find a replacement at the earliest opportunity at no extra charge and refund our booking fee if a replacement is unavailable (but rest assured we will do our absolute best to avoid this).

    * As our work takes place predominantly in private homes we are not mandated to wear face coverings (and prefer not to, to be able to connect with children better, we think it's more helpful for children to be able to see us smile etc.), but we will happily wear a face covering by request and as applicable, if out and about in public places/on public transport/collecting children from childcare/school locations (as required), or when transitioning through the thoroughfare areas of accomodation providers. Please let us know in advance of your booking if you have immune compromised/ vulnerable children so we can be extra vigilant.

    Please find below a link to the summary information of all the levels, this is what we have used to determine our policies and guidelines.

    If you require further information or have any questions please contact us directly.

    Common Q & A's:

    Q: Can I use Belle Babysitters if I have a sick child at home, or sent home from school?

    A: Yes we will be likely able to help with this, but we always inform the babysitter assigned to you of the illness involved and allow them to choose if they are comfortable to complete the booking. If your child or anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid19 you need to let us know as part of the Health and Safety Act, to allow all parties to decide the risks and health and safety precautions they need to undertake to keep everyone as safe as possible. We cannot guarantee we will have a babysitter available who is willing to take on the risk of sickness, but we let our babysitters decide for themselves.

    Q: How much notice do I need to give to request a sitter?

    A: The more the better, but we will always try and help you, even at short notice, (which we consider to be less than 12 hours to the booking start time).

    Q: I have a child considered "vulnerable" I need to keep home longer, but I also need to get back to work, can your babysitters assist with home schooling?

    A: Our babysitters will assist with any home schooling tasks, to the best of their ability.


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