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    New Customers (Initial Query):

    If you wish to make a general query about booking a babysitter please click on this link "Enquiry Form" and fill out the requested information (Note: this does not commit you to a booking).

    Repeat Customers Booking:

    If you have used us already and want to make a new booking please use this "Repeat Customer Booking Form" for your convenience to save time.


    ADDITIONALLY, For New Customers (To Begin Your Booking):

    If you have read our information (especially the terms and conditions, which are located in the bottom left hand corner of this website), and you are happy to begin the booking process, then fill out this additional information form (click the following blue link to do it online) "Family Information Form" or copy and paste the form below into a document and then email this directly to

    NOTE AGAIN: this does not mean your booking is confirmed, your booking will only become finalised when payment of the Agency Fee has been received.

    Family Information Form: (COPY OF THE FORM IN BLUE LINK ABOVE)

    Family Surname (add others below if different):__________________

    Mother: _______________________ Date of birth (optional): __/__/___

    Father: ________________________ Date of birth (optional):__/__/___

    Name of any other Parents/Caregivers of children:_______________

    Your Home Address:  _____________________________________

    Address of Babysit job (if different): __________________________

    Anything difficult about finding/parking at the above?:_____________ 

    Preferred Contact Email Address:____________________________

    Your Home Telephone: ___________________________ 

    Your Preferred Contact Number: ____________________

    Work/ Mobile Contact For Mother if applicable: _________________

    Work/ Mobile Contact For Father if applicable: __________________

    Name, sex , age and D.O.B of Child/Children.


    Any allergies, medical issues or other helpful information for your children?   _____________________________________________ 

    Any Family Pets (Name/Type)? ______________________________

    Emergency Contact/Reference Person Name: ___________________

    Phone:_____________ Relationship to you: ___________________

    What do you expect, or value most in a babysitter? ________________________________________________________

    Any other special requirements?_____________________________

    How did you hear about us?  Please circle/complete as appropriate below...

    Newspaper               Yellow Pages                     Advertising  

    Website                      Flyers/Notice board Where?________________

    Family/Friends Please name so they can receive a referral bonus  __________________________  

    School/Kindergaten Newsletter Which one?____________________

    OtherPlease state: ________________________________________

    Would you like to receive a receipt for Agency fees paid?  Y / N

    I acknowledge that I have read and accept all the Terms and Conditions and information provided to me associated with service provided by Belle Babysitters Ltd and I have disclosed all information truthfully and accurately on this form to the best of my knowledge and available to me at this point in time.

    Signature: _____________________ Date: __/__/____

    Please Email to:


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